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#1 Deer Antler Velvet

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100% Natural Deer Antler Velvet

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Ethically Sourced from New Zealand

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IGF-1 From Deer Antler Velvet

The Hormone of Youth

Many scientists think deer antlers could be used for medicine, nerve growth, and more.

"Imagine what we might be able to do with those cells’ amazing generative capabilities."
- Smithsonian Magazine

Chances are you’ve noticed the changes in your energy level, the way you look, and how you recover from exercise or injury as you’ve aged.

The science behind this is simple. The body naturally produces IGF 1 which is why you look and feel great in your 20s. Your body produces tons of the stuff!

Unfortunately, your body produces less and less IGF-1 as you age. Circulating levels plummet by 75% between the ages of 20 and 70. And it shows….

Loss of muscle mass, weight gain, low energy, thinning hair, wrinkled skin, aches and pains…the list goes on and on!

By taking Doc of Detox's products, you are supplementing your body’s natural supply of IGF 1 from another natural source, allowing your body to continue to function at the higher levels of health and wellness of years past.

Doctor Formulated & Clinically Tested

How the Science Behind IGF-1 Improves Your Body Stamina,  Muscular Growth, and Increases Metabolism.

Clinically Proven To Increase Natural IGF-1 Levels Up To 19.9%

Our bodies naturally produce IGF-1, which is known as a fat burning hormone that helps build muscle and increase lean body mass which is why you look and feel great in your 20s. As we age, our IGF levels begin to drop.

Studies show that our pure deer antler spray products help supplement our body’s natural IGF-1 supply to boost energy levels and promote overall health and wellness. Our 100,000 ng IGF-1 Plus Deer Antler Spray was recently tested in a clinical trial. The study, which was conducted at the prestigious Sierra Integrative Medical Center in Nevada, sought to determine if IGF-1 Plus could elevate serological IGF 1 levels.

When researchers Dr. Bruce Fong D.O., HMD, Dr. Kenneth J. Absher O.D.,B.C.C.N., used natural IGF-1 on a cohort of patients, they found a definite overall increase in the serological levels of circulating IGF-1. In fact, this study showed a 19.94% increase in serological IGF-1. You can see DETAILS FROM THE STUDY HERE!.

Fascinating Testimonials From IGF-1 Users

"In the September 1992 issue of The Deer Farmer appeared the story of a New Zealand couple, Clint and Shelley Thomsen, who reside in Hawkes Bay. In about 1988 Shelley began taking velvet antler to relieve the painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Slowly but surely the pain began to subside and by 1992, Shelley had not experienced one multiple sclerosis attack for a period of two years. The healing process was so dramatic that she began playing squash as well as looking after two young children and going into the velvet antler business herself. In her own words, and I quote, “It’s not a cure by any means, but by taking it regularly I have certainly reduced the aches and pains and I’ve got heaps more energy.”
- Clint & Shelley Thomson

"Virginia Walker apparently had been trying to get through the winter of 1990 in Southern California, which was colder than usual, and suffered through it with a bad case of arthritis and rheumatism. However, with the use of velvet antler, the pain, inflammation, and stiffness subsided and she reordered eight bottles of velvet antler to ensure that she would not run short of this almost miraculous medicine. Scientific studies in Russia have shown that extracts of velvet deer antler have hypotensive, erythropoietic (red blood cell producing), anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, gonadotropic (sexual growth), and metabolic effects."
- Virginia Walker

"Joyce Ellmer was a longtime sufferer of arthritis. The pain was so bad, she couldn’t even knock on doors because of the pain. Now Joyce can knock down your door. You see, Joyce has been taking antler velvet for two years and has had what she calls “a miraculous result.” In the article, Joyce stated, “I’m 62-years-old, and basically, the velvet keeps me pain-free. The real proof of how well velvet could work to stop Joyce’s arthritis is that within a few days of taking the product, the pain and swelling were completely gone. Within a few days of having run out of the velvet, the pain was back."
- Joyce Elmer

"Margaret Nairn experienced a wonderful response to her teenage son’s chronic eczema using natural treatments in place of conventional drug therapy. According to Mrs. Nairn, she had gone through a cycle of using more and more powerful drugs to control her son’s eczema problem. Unfortunately, the cycle of more powerful drugs started to generate side effects. She then began to use better food, more rest, ultraviolet light bed treatments, and antler velvet. While she does not claim any one particular treatment is the entire answer, certainly, the use of velvet has helped to place her son’s eczema into remission. According to Mrs. Nairn, the problem with a teenager is to ensure the fact that he will stick to taking his velvet every day.
- Margaret Naim


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Preserve muscle tissue, increase workout recovery, and accelerate your performance with IGF-1. Doc of Detox IGF-1 helps raise your IGF-1 levels safely and naturally so you can reach your health and fitness goals. We’ve carefully crafted the worlds purest supplement that works faster than most competitor tablet, capsule, and powder products. IGF-1 Plus uses an Advanced Delivery System that allows faster delivery, greater bioavailability, and even longer duration of nutrient action.

Ethically Sourced From Our New Zealand Farms


We created the purest supplement from deer antler velvet to help raise IGF-1 levels naturally and we did it ethically. Antlers from immature deer have velvet-like hair covering the bone and cartilage. It’s the fasted growing animal tissue with annual antler cycles that last two to three months. We only source from farms where deer antler velvet is harvested humanely.


  • Are looking to help boost your immune system
  • Want to help burn fat fast
  • Want to build more lean muscle
  • Are often feeling fatigued and tired
  • Want to recover faster from workouts
  • Suffer from chronic pain

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